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About me

A strategist who lived in many worlds

My name is Fabrizio Faraco and I have lived in many worlds: in the “old economy” branded by “managerial challenge” to the first “new economy” branded by “information society”, from the Italian research (ENEA), to the U.S. applied research (MIT), from mainframes (IBM VM/CMS ) to the first personal computer (CP/M). I was in USA at the birth of the industry (in the 80s where I met youngsters became then gurus, such as Felsestein, Kildall, Jobs and Gates, among others). My career moved from technical to managerial, from human resources to marketing. A lifetime of experiences all aimed at marketing skills.
Today, I am a Certified Facilitator in Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, Design Sprint and Design Thinking, a Mentor, a Project Manager, a Trainer and a Speaker, which combined allow me to help companies in deploying innovation.

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Senior partner


I’m Senior Partner for Italy of Trivium International, the team of facilitators led by Per Kristiansen, co-creator of the Lego® Serious Play® method. Trivium International is a leading partner globally in working with dynamic strategies, change management, cultural processes and leadership development with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. 

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FAcilitiamo in uno sprint


With my business partner Andrea Romoli, we’ve founded InSprint to offer facilitation, consulting, training and mentorship to businesses, organizations, nonprofits and associations. Our goal is on transforming leadership styles, because effective leadership is recognised as key to the success of any business. Moreover, we help the organisations to enhance their most important asset: the people who work there.

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Facilitation Design

Workshop facilitation is the act of providing unobtrusive, objective guidance to a group in order to collaboratively progress towards a goal. The role of the facilitator is to plan and lead activities and instruction in order to help the group do their best thinking together. Facilitation does not mean taking charge and dictating the outcome, but rather allowing each participant to contribute fully and equally and enabling a shared, collaborative outcome that the group buys into. Objectivity is key; facilitators must come from a neutral place — stepping back from contributing to focus purely on the group’s process. Your job as facilitator is not to personally generate a superbly creative idea, nor it is to make the correct decisions. Your job is to have the workshop participants create the best ideas they can and end up with the best possible decisions.

from Nielsen Norman Group – Workshop Facilitation 101

Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® is the method designed by Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen based on the famous bricks to boost prospective-thinking that enhances creative confidence.
Thinking, communicating and solving problems building a 3D model before any participant has already expressed his or her position, really takes our insights and ideas to another level. It provides a safe space and an efficient and focused process, igniting possibility through play and exploration. It allows all participants to benefit from diversity. Lego® Serious Play® helps to generate more visible and detailed ideas, more elements to react to and better meanings.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking, or human centered design, is a methodology for creative problem solving developed IDEO and d.school of Stanford. It is based on building deep empathy with the people you are designing for, and it is applied by:
generating many different ideas
testing prototypes
putting the new solutions into reality
gathering feedback to further improve on them
This approach brings together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint, the method conceived by Jake Knapp in Google (revealed in 2016) and perfected in 2018 (version 2.0) by Jake Knapp together with AJ&Smart of Berlin, helps to build and test every kind of idea in just 4 days. Nothing magical happens, but by using a precise sequence you get a clear idea, set priorities, and make decisions, resulting in something that users love and companies appreciate.
How many times has a project produced only paper, or has it engaged several people and lasted months before deciding to close it? Or did it last a long time to understand the right direction to take to develop it seriously? These experiences have great costs, economic costs, but above all “determination” in companies willing of innovation. In fact, the product development cycles are too long, causing the loss of enthusiasm and concentration of the teams.
Design Sprint squeeze months of work (based solely on limitless discussions) in a 4-day process, to quickly solve big challenges, create new products or improve existing ones.

Business Agility

Let’s imagine we have our team in a meeting aimed at developing a project, we usually start by identifying the problem we intend to solve and often, especially if we start immediately with finding solutions, we end up in full groupthink, that is, we follow the solution of the boss like sheep or than the one that shouts the most, often losing sight of the real solution, the one that produces the best impact. What if instead we started from there? 
The bottom up approach of Business Agility developed by In Sprint is immediately actionable and guarantees widespread deployment. It makes meetings more effective, with concrete and shareable results. You won’t need permission from top management, since when you produce better results and in less time, everyone appreciates it. For us, Business Agility means a results-oriented mindset in which all members of a team contribute to its achievement. It is implemented through a sequence of microstructures starting with the group’s goals. A more effective way of acting, ideal for increasingly complex contexts where companies and teams have to operate.

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In my experience, networking and sharing are fundamental elements of business, not sales techniques. If you share this view, feel free to send me an email:

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